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Reimagined benefits to hire and retain well, so you can grow your business.

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Our Approach

Our boutique approach centers on a high-level of service and deep understanding of our clients’ needs. We offer a wealth of innovative technology to provide HR assistance, including a comprehensive HR library, customized benefits administration and online enrollment.

But our true differentiator: Our four-prong, continuous process flow. This is how we Empower you through analysis backed decision-marking.

We understand that people are your biggest asset. Keeping them healthy and happy is vital to your business. You and your employees deserve tailored programs that ensure you can hire quality candidates, retain your employee base, and optimize your resource investment with creatively, reimagined solutions. Our ability to work efficiently and assertively with underwriters and build reciprocal relationships with carriers translates into better and stronger employee benefit programs.

We design and implement customized benefit solutions that meet immediate employee benefit needs and achieve long-term goals for company productivity and profitability.

We focus on evaluating each client’s unique needs, educating them on innovative health and welfare plans, and equipping them to offer benefits that will enhance their ability to attract, retain, and increase workforce efficiencies. Offering well-rounded and generous compensation can relieve your workers of real-world concerns and ensure you get their best efforts each and every day.

Going Beyond, Making It Simple

Let Empower be your trusted advisor when crafting and administering your Employee Benefits Program. Let us take what often feels like a necessary expense and mold it into an investment that yields results: low employee turnover, satisfied employees, and growing your bottom line. By setting customized strategies for each of our clients, we can successfully manage both short-term cost control challenges and the longer-term issues of health program management, compliance, employee engagement, accountability, health, and wellbeing.

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